Affiliate marketing has become an incredibly popular way for bloggers, entrepreneurs and marketers to generate income online. The basic premise is that you promote someone else’s product or service, and receive a commission when a sale is made through your affiliate link.

One of the best tools to maximize affiliate marketing efforts is Click Funnels. This robust software makes it easy to create high-converting sales funnels that will increase your affiliate commissions dramatically. Here’s how to use Click Funnels for affiliate marketing.

What is Click Funnels?

For those new to the software, ClickFunnels is a suite of tools designed specifically for marketing and sales. It allows users to quickly build landing pages, sales pages, webinars, membership sites and full websites without any technical skills required.

The key feature of Click Funnels is its pre-built sales funnels that convert visitors into buyers. Funnels include an opt-in page, sales page, order form, upsell pages and affiliate management. This all-in-one solution makes affiliate marketing much easier.

Why Use Click Funnels for Affiliate Marketing?

There are a few key reasons why Click Funnels is so effective for affiliate marketing:

  • Pre-built funnels – As mentioned, the funnel templates save you tons of time creating your own funnels from scratch.
  • Page editor – Customize funnel pages with the drag-and-drop editor. Easy to use, even for beginners.
  • Conversion focused – Funnels are designed to convert visitors into buyers and customers. Critical for affiliate campaigns.
  • Built-in affiliate tools – Click Funnels has affiliate tracking, links and payments tools built into the software. Everything you need in one place.
  • A/B testing – Test different versions of your pages to improve conversions. Essential for affiliate marketing optimization.
  • Analytics – Track and monitor the performance of your funnels and affiliate links with powerful analytics.

The bottom line is that Click Funnels can significantly boost your affiliate commissions by creating high-converting funnels. And it contains all the necessary tools required for affiliate marketing.

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How to Use Click Funnels for Affiliate Marketing

Let’s go through the key steps to utilizing Click Funnels to promote affiliate products:

1. Choose a Click Funnels Plan

click funnels for affiliate marketing

There are three main plan options to select from:

  • Basic – $127/month. Complete access to all features and funnels. Good starter option.
  • Pro – $157/month. Everything in the basic Click Funnels plan. Best for serious affiliate marketers.
  • Funnel Hackers – $208/month. Everything included for pro players
  • 14 Day Free Trial – Test drive Click Funnels for free for 14 days, no credit card required. Allows you to build two funnels.

Choose a plan that fits your current affiliate marketing needs and budget. You can always upgrade later as your campaigns grow.

2. Find Relevant Affiliate Programs

Do research to find affiliate programs that match your audience and niche. Some options:

  • Click Bank – Huge marketplace with thousands of affiliate offers.
  • Commission Junction – Large affiliate network with a wide variety of programs.
  • Amazon Associates – Everyone’s go-to for physical products.
  • ShareASale – Leading affiliate network with top retailers.

Make sure to join programs that offer at least 30% commissions with recurring billing options if possible.

3. Build Your Sales Funnel

Decide which pre-made funnel template best aligns with the affiliate offer you want to promote.

Here are some proven funnel types:

  • Two Step – Great for free + shipping style offers.
  • Product Launch – Perfect for big ticket info products launches.
  • Webinar – Converts signups into paying customers.

Customize the pages with your affiliate links, messaging and brand using the page editor drag-and-drop interface.

4. Drive Affiliate Traffic

Now that your funnel is ready to convert, you need traffic. Here are some top traffic sources:

  • Pay-per-click ads – Fast and affordable, works great with sales funnels.
  • Social media marketing – Leverage your existing social followers.
  • Content marketing – Drive free organic traffic from blog posts and videos.
  • Email marketing – Promote to your email subscriber list.
  • Influencer partnerships – Reach new audiences.

Focus on low-cost organic and influencer traffic starting out until you have proof of conversions.

5. Track Conversions and Optimize

Click Funnels makes it easy to track your funnel conversions and affiliate commissions earned.

Use the analytics to see which funnel steps are losing visitors. Try A/B splits or create additional upsell funnel steps to boost conversions.

Continually test new traffic sources to lower your acquisition costs. And cycle in new affiliate offers so you always promote relevant products people want.

The great thing about affiliate marketing with Click Funnels is that once your funnel is converting, you can add new offers and scale traffic rapidly to grow your income.

Click Funnels Affiliate Program

An irony of Click Funnels is that they also have a lucrative affiliate program you can join.

You earn 30% commissions when you refer new customers to Click Funnels paid plans. Recurring commissions from monthly subscriptions can really add up.

Because it’s a high-ticket offer ($97+ per month), you’ll want to focus on warm paid traffic and influencer marketing.

The combination of promoting Click Funnels as an affiliate and using Click Funnels for your own affiliate campaigns is incredibly powerful.

You can significantly boost your income while helping other marketers simplify their businesses.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, Click Funnels is an incredibly valuable tool for running profitable affiliate marketing campaigns.

The pre-built funnels, conversion focused templates and built-in tracking provide everything needed to monetize traffic with affiliate offers.

And the Click Funnels affiliate program presents a lucrative opportunity itself that savvy marketers should pursue.

If you want to take your affiliate marketing results to new heights, Click Funnels is a proven way to get there.

Hopefully this guide provided a framework for how to get started using Click Funnels for your affiliate campaigns, step-by-step.

The key is choosing irresistible affiliate offers, staying laser targeted on traffic that converts, and continuously optimizing your funnels.

Now it’s time to take action on what you’ve learned today. Sign up for Click Funnels and start your affiliate marketing journey

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